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Hand Over Fist Signs is a local Philadelphia business creating custom hand painted signs. I create hand made signs in the tradition of the American sign painter. Hand painted and gold leaf signs are my specialty and custom design goes without saying. I love this craft and my home city of Philadelphia.

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I am passionate about paint and gold leaf, mediums that are intrinsically beautiful and require practice and commitment to master. Painted lettering requires precise brush control and knowledge of letter forms, gold leaf sign work is a dying craft that has luckily been practiced and passed down by a few and is having a small resurgence.

The name Hand Over Fist comes from my preferred method of working with lettering brushes, the hand over hand technique. One hand is placed on top of the other to give stability and a proper distance to work from. It also represents my commitment to hard work to provide customer satisfaction and continued growth in my craft.

Each sign job, large or small, is a piece of art that I take pride in crafting. From raw materials and a concept all the way through to the finished product, every sign is painted hand over fist.