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Q: How much does it cost?
A: Every job is different. I take into account many factors, including scale, materials, and time, to name a few. Please provide as much information as you have to get an accurate estimate. If you have a set budget, feel free to let me know what it is and we can come up with a plan to work within that. The price is set to guarantee a proper job that you are happy with and a sign that will last.

Q: What is your design process like?
A: I custom design for you and with you. We start out with thumbnail options to get an idea of overall layout and move forward from there. There is usually a bit of back and forth to make sure I am taking things in the direction you are happy with and I help you understand the benefits of design decisions I make along the way. When the final design is reached, I then make patterns, buy materials, and set up a good day to paint. If you have existing designs I can work with those as well.

Q: Why choose paint over vinyl?
A: A hand painted sign has a humanity and warmth about it which cannot be created by machines. Everything I make requires care and craftsmanship to produce. Vinyl also ages poorly compared with paint. It cracks and curls until it is ugly and illegible. Paint also breaks down, as does everything in this harsh world, but we could say that it fades slowly as it ages, while vinyl dies. There are certain instances where vinyl is a good option, and I work closely with another small business that can provide those services, if needed.

Q: How long will it take to get my sign?
A: Turnaround time can vary from job to job based on scale, detail, and availability. A timeline should be discussed early in the process. I always prioritize your deadlines, so please keep me informed..