Gilding is the delicate process used in sign writing of applying gold leaf to various surfaces. Gold leaf signs have a brilliant and beautiful appearance that is unattainable using any other substance. I have had the pleasure of working with the medium for years. The application of gold leaf is an extremely rewarding art form in itself and, when done correctly, gives further life to a sign.

Utilizing gold and silver can set your sign apart. On glass, it can have a mirror-like appearance, creating movement and a lustrous shine. A matte finish, which can be achieved in reverse glass and surface gilding, will reflect both sunlight and lamplight for maximum visibility with an eye catching shimmer. While gold has many practical uses for your sign, there is no doubt that it adds an extra touch of class with a timeless look.

This traditional technique has seen a resurgence due to its great visual impact and a prevalent interest in hand made crafts, but it is still practiced by few. Using this fragile material with an uncommon and lasting strength gives me the opportunity to create work that goes above and beyond the average sign. At four millionths of an inch thick, gold leaf has a powerful impact.