Hand painted and gold leaf house numbers are a Philadelphia, and truly a worldwide, tradition. While a good number of them have been painted over or destroyed in some way, many old numbers remain in tact on the streets of Philadelphia to this day. Some have kept the tradition alive, and their homes are better for it.

Your house number says a lot about who lives inside. I enjoy creating custom hand painted house numbers that reflect your personality while bringing a warmth and individual style to the place that you call home. As a home owner, you have a distinct aesthetic that runs through your house. A number tailor made to your style brings a finishing touch to the entrance of your household.

Numbers are traditionally painted directly on the wall next to your door, on your mailbox, on a plaque made of wood, glass, or metal, or even on the transom window above the front door. Hand lettering has a feel of humanity and hospitality that machines cannot produce, with details defined by the home owner, not universal stock images and generic fonts.

Clean, legible, and classic are words that describe a beautiful and functional house number. Your imagination is the only limit to making yours one that will continue this tradition in a unique and personal way.